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Looking for a student room in Hasselt or Diepenbeek?

Hasselt University doesn’t have student rooms of their own. We work together with landlords from private student rooms.

You can consult these rooms in our room database at kotatlimburg.be.

This website will be a big help for you in finding a student room. 

The rooms database has details of approximately 2,500 rooms for students. These rooms are all fully compliant in terms of the landlord’s operating licence and fire insurance. You can rent a room from this database using the standardised model tenancy agreement. (This model tenancy agreement can not be used for doctoral students)

These rooms can also be recognised from the street with this poster.

Most rooms are furnished. However, bedding, towels, cookware and cutlery are not always provided. So you’ll need to bring or buy these things.

It can also be useful to read our FAQ.

Since April 2015 there has been a hostel in Hasselt, located near the station. You can stay here for a few days while you look for a suitable room. If your pre-enrolment is in order, you will get a discount on the cost of your stay at the hostel. More information at http://www.jeugdherbergen.be/en/youth-hostels/city-hostels/hasselt

The housing service

The housing service can help you out with all your questions about renting a student room.

If you rent a room in our database, we can mediate in case of  any problems. We’re no legal office. If you’re in need of legal assistance, you can contact huuradvies Hasselt for a free consult.

Our housing service can also give you a free referral for the tenancy syndicate.

We also provide a free fire insurance (not for doctoral students)  if you hand in a copy of your tenancy agreement before 31 October.

Do you have any questions about your rental agreement? Do you need help finding a student room? Do you have problems at your student room? We are there for you!

Please note that we only work by appointment, so we can have enough time for you.

Via this link you can make a digital appointment with us via google meet or a physical appointment at campus Hasselt or Campus Diepenbeek.

We also stay available by mail.

huisvesting@uhasselt.be – 011 26 80 56

The housing service can’t help you with:

  • Do you have financial questions?  You can find more info about this at the website from our social service
  • Do you need to rent a bike for your stay in Belgium? Or do you want to buy a cheaper bus- or train pass, contact our the student facility office!