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Master of Biomedical Sciences

Master of Biomedical Sciences

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Master programme 120 ECTS study points – full time or part time

The 21st century started as the century of molecular life sciences. Ever since the 1990s when scientists greatly improved our insights into the molecular basis of life processes, the life sciences have developed at a tremendous rate. Various breakthroughs, including the mapping of the human genome, are leading to the rapid development of inter-relationships between formerly autonomous scientific disciplines such as genetics, medicine, pharmacology, biology, and environmental science. This creates new prospects for the academic and business worlds. Investments are huge: all over the world, universities, research institutes and businesses are launching new research initiatives, teaching programmes and business related activities.

In accordance with its Lisbon Strategy, aimed at a more ambitious reinforcement of Europe’s knowledge-based economy, the EU strongly supports further development of genomics and biotechnology. And these are only two of many future scientific developments in the realm of the life sciences, including proteomics, bioinformatics, bioelectronics and imaging, all of which have numerous applications for human health, wellness and prosperity.

The Master of Biomedical Sciences focuses on state-of-the-art methodology, knowledge, insight and academic skills, enabling graduates to unravel the molecular mechanisms of health and disease as independent researchers. The programme provides students with the knowledge and skills required for the proper design of a scientific research project.

Three specializations are offered: