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Studying at Hasselt? Good choice! We have a unique educational model - a unique way of teaching, organising exams and working together. you don't just study here: you are shaped into a skilful, entrepreneurial student. With the right skills for your future job. Discover the five unique strengths of Hasselt University at a glance.

  1. You are Hasselt University
  2. Your horizons are expanded
  3. Your education is academic and up to date
  4. Carry on learning after your education
  5. Optimal use is made of your talents

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Everything revolves around you. We make good on this promise in various different ways.

1. Guided autonomous learning

At Hasselt, we aim to teach you how to learn independently. At the start, you will receive intensive guidance. As your academic career progresses you will towards autonomous learning.

2 Plenty of interaction

You are constantly challenged to join in the search for the answer to your questions. There's no one-way traffic at Hasselt: your participation is crucial.

3. Different educational methods

Expect a mix of educational methods, including lectures, interactive lecture (in which you discuss the subject matter), group assignments, practical sessions (in which you do exercises), internships, practicals and laboratory sessions. Varied and result-oriented.

4. Quartiles and semesters

Hasselt University plans to apply a uniform academic calendar in all courses by academic year 2018-2019.

The year will be divided into two semesters of 20 weeks each, and each semester can be divided into two quartiles of 10 weeks each (including revision and exams). We will Ensure that everyone in the first Bachelor's year has exams within the first 10 weeks, gets feedback and is able to adapt his/her learning process very quickly. In these short teaching periods, you will get a small number of programme components, so that you are intensely engaged with the material and so that the workload is spread evenly over the year. Everyone will start and finish the academic year at the same time and have exams at the same time. This will facilitate things such as multidisciplinary collaboration, exchanges with other universities and switching to another brand of study.

As of 2016-2017, this system already applies to the programme in Chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, computer science, business administration and biomedical sciences.

5. Rapid evaluation and feedback

During the first Bachelor's year you will soon reach an initial evaluation point with rapid feedback. (From 2018 to 2019 this will take place within 10 weeks for all students). That way, you will know immediately where you stand and whether your choice of course was the right one. Deliberation will take place after the first and third Bachelor's years.

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At Hasselt University you are part of an exciting, dynamic, global community:

1. International

Hasselt University - a stone's throw from Maastricht, Liège and Aachen - is a community of international lecturers, assistants, researchers and students. As a student, you can also take advantage of our many exchange agreements with foreign universities, research centres and organisations.

2. Participation

You can also play an active role in the growth of Hasselt University outside your studies, as a student representative of employee of TEDxUHasselt.

3. Expanding your horizons in every way...

Is the student life here exciting? You bet! Take a look at www.facebook.be/hasseltuniversity.

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Hasselt University makes its expertise and knowledge available to society as a whole. We look together for solutions to current problems. And you reap the rewards.

1. Academic and professional competencies

From your first Bachelor's year, in addition to academic skills you will also learn professional skills such as presenting, communicating, multidisciplinary teamwork, self-management and integrity. This will give you quite a head-start when you are looking for work.

2. In line with current needs, regionally and globally

Our programmes are constantly being evaluated and adjusted and closely reflect our research fields and requests from students, business and the government. Hasselt University is committed to the social and economic development of Limburg and the entire Euroregion.

troef 4 UHasselt The pace of social and technological change is so quick that you need to update your knowledge constantly even after completing your studies. At Hasselt University, we put this spirit of lifelong learning into practice in many ways.

Every year, there are numerous interesting lectures and science cafés on the programme for Hasselt alumni.

If you really get the research bug, you can choose to study for a PhD at Hasselt.

Already working and interested in refresher training or a change direction? Then contact SEE (School of Expert Education) to find out about our range of postgraduate programmes and training courses for entrepreneurs and employees.

In short, Hasselt University is for life!

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We are all different, and we all have our own talents. To develop these optimally, Hasselt University focuses strongly on:

1. Accompanying the transition from secondary to higher education

Come and get an advance taste of Hasselt University, for example during 'open class days' and 'taster days'.

As a new student you are also invited to an introductory day in a relaxed atmosphere, during which you can get to know the campus, your lectures and your fellow students.

2. Intense guidance

You will find your lecturers to be very accessible. During various contact times and during lectures, you can ask lecturers and assistants for more explanation. Do you have questions about your study method, study planning, study programme of progress? Our team of study coaches and study career coaches is ready to help. In some programmes, you will be assigned a mentor/coach, or we will offer tutored projects.

3. Making better choices

Our flexible learning pathways and our coaching will help you move to another branch of study if you do not immediately find your feet.

4. Opportunities for everyone

Hasselt University has developed a diversity policy for students with a migration background, multilingual students, outstanding students, top sportspeople, working students, student entrepreneurs, students with responsibilities as a carer and students with disabilities. That way, we maximise everyone's study opportunities.