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Life on campus

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Every faculty has its own student society: A.S.G. for the Faculty of Industrial Sciences, Hermes for Business Science, Themis for Law (praeses.themis.uhasselt@gmail.com), Miezerik for Medicine, Biomedica for Biomedical Sciences; Filii Lamberti for Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science (praeses@filii.be) en DIP's for Chemistry and Biology (dipsuhasselt@hotmail.com); Commeatus for Transport Sciences,Rekinéa for Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy, Sofa for Architecture(sofadiepenbeek@hotmail.com).

There are also various alternative and political student clubs and societies:

  • Ambifaarke: student brass band
  • CCG: Christian Campus Community
  • ESN Hasselt: the association for international and Erasmus students. ESN organises various activities to promote the integration of foreign students on campus.
  • Inderdaad!: a youth group for gays, lesbians and bisexuals in the province of Limburg 
  • JOSS: Joint Organisation of Statistics Scholars - an (alumni) association for Master's students in statistics
  • BeMSA Hasselt: Belgian Medical Student Association
  • Elsa Hasselt: The European Law Students' Association Hasselt
  • LVSV: Liberal Flemish Student Association







ESN Hasselt

Filii Lamberti