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Master of Transportation Sciences

Distance Learning Programme

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A master programme for practitioners with a unique international profile

In our master programme you have two options: study full-time at Hasselt University or combine your master studies with a job in our flexible distance learning programme.

The Master of Transportation Sciences by distance learning is specifically tailored to the needs of practitioners who want to earn a specialised qualification and broaden their knowledge and work experience in the rapidly changing transportation field. The programme has a pronounced international orientation. Students from all over the world join this programme and the exchange of experience and knowledge between the international student group brings added value to the course.

Made to measure for professionals who want to combine job and studies

The content and the degree of the programme are equal to the full-time programme, but the courses are organized in such a way that students are able to combine a job with their studies. The course material will be made available on an e-learning platform which enrolled students can access from home. The internship and master thesis can be carried out at your place of employment, so you will already benefit from your studies in practice while still earning your degree.

The distance learning programme can be completed at your own pace and for every course unit that you complete, a certificate can be requested. The full programme can be completed in 3 years, including the internship and the master thesis.

Key Benefits

The Master of Transportation Sciences by distance learning is made-to-measure for professionals who want to gain more knowledge about various aspects of transportation:

  • it is a multidisciplinary master programme, which will pay attention to economical, social, urban, environmental and infrastructural aspects;
  • it takes sustainable development into account;
  • it focuses on transport policy and planning, as well as on traffic safety in an international context;
  • it is taught by internationally renowned professors from leading universities, specialized in traffic safety and transport policy and planning;
  • the programme is organized by distance (course material is made available online through an e-learning platform, including video footage of recorded classes) and can be completed at your own pace in combination with work and/or family life. The model study track takes about 3 years, including the internship and masters' thesis. 
  • experienced professionals from different fields and countries exchange information about transport and traffic safety problems, solutions and strategies;
  • a full semester is dedicated to doing an internship. The internship can be carried out at your place of employment so you will already benefit from your studies in practice while still earning your degree.


 Programme Overview


 Study Programme


Off-campus programme (part-time):

 - private study from home throughout the semester. All course material will be made available through our online e-learning platform "Blackboard", including video footage of recorded lectures which can be (re-)viewed at the student's own pace.
Per semester there will be 1 interactive online session with the lecturer and fellow students.

 - at the end of each semester (Jan/Feb + June/July), students take online exams. The exams are organized in 2 concentrated weeks at the end of the semester. Students who are enrolled in courses of year 1 will have exams only in the first exam week. Students who are enrolled in courses of year 2 or 3 will have exams only in the second exam week.
In case students did not pass for all exams, there is also a week of 2nd chance online exams in Aug/Sep.
To be able to take part in the online exams, students need to have a computer/laptop with camera, microphone, a stable internet connection and a smartphone where ProctorExam is installed.


 Students who do the model track (maximum study progress) can graduate in 3 years' time:

 - The first two years consist mainly of courses to be studied from home.

 - In the final year, students combine 1 master course with an internship (if possible, in the student's own place of employment) and writing their master thesis from home. At the end of the 3rd year, students defend their master thesis online before a jury.


The tuition fee consists of 2 components: a fixed fee and a fee per credit you enrol in. A distance learning student typically takes up 36 credits a year, which equals a tuition fee of on average EUR 666 per year. The fees are subject to small annual changes. Find the latest fees on our website: 


 - be a holder of a university degree or diploma equivalent to an academic bachelor's degree

 - have sufficient knowledge of English (and provide proof by means of a TOEFL or IELTS certificate, or attestation that English was the medium of instruction of your Bachelor degree)

 - meet the specific conditions of admission with regard to employment status and provide proof of this

More info about the conditions of admission: go to Condition of Admission Master of Transportation Sciences by distance learning


1 September

Tip: do not wait until the last moment to apply, as the application process can be time-consuming and the processing of applications will take longer during the holiday period (July-August).


1. Check if you meet the conditions of admission for the distance learning master programme.

2. Complete the online application form, making sure all mandatory fields have been filled in.

3. Send the required legalised hard copies of your bachelor degree and transcript + proof of employment by post/courier before the application deadline to Hasselt University, attn. Ms. Leen Jorissen, Martelarenlaan 42, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium.

More info: go to Conditions of Admission and Application procedure

If you have any questions related to the administrative side of the application procedure, send an email to: